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Friday, June 15, 2007

Video Pick of the Day: Edwards Expands on His Health Care Plan

Speaking in Detroit yesterday, John Edwards expanded on his already excellent health care plan, detailing the cost savings.

Health care is an issue that really concerns me, and I don't think we should settle for less than universal health care. We spend so much money on health care in this country, we ought to be getting it already.

In this refinement of his health care plan, I particularly like Edwards's plans to force the insurance companies to put most of their money into patient care, manage chronic care, and bring costs down for breakthrough drugs. If you like what you see as much as I do, please kick in $5-$10 to help my One Corps group reach its goal of raising $5,000 for John Edwards. We're more than halfway there!

By the way, as an exclusive for the two people who read my blog, here's a recent photo of me with Elizabeth Edwards:

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Blogger BONGO MIRROR said...

Just two eh? I disbelieve you.

Anyway, yes. I'm glad to see the U.S. talking about universal health care. Here where we have universal health care, there's talk of going to a less efficient tiered system. It is completely bizarre.

On a more cheerful side, the party that first proposed medicare moved from about one percent of the popular vote to about eleven percent of the popular vote that election -- the other parties noticed and put it in place. (Please note, my figures may not be exactly right. This is from memory).

June 15, 2007


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