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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

John Edwards wants us out of Iraq

John Edwards wants us out of Iraq, and he's leading in the effort to get us out.

Today, a compromise bill is under discussion in Congress that would give Bush all the funding he wants without a timetable for withdrawal. This is disgraceful, when a majority of the American population wants us out. Here's what John Edwards had to say about it:

"The so-called compromise under discussion in Congress that would give the president another blank check to continue his failed war is a serious mistake. Full funding is full funding, no matter what you call it. Every member of Congress who wants to support our troops and end the war should oppose this proposal. If you're in Congress, and you believe this war is wrong, I urge you to use every power you have to stop it if it's brought up for a vote. Block the blank check.

And I urge all Americans who want this war to end to tell your representatives in Congress that you will support them if they stand up to the president. Tell them you understand that when the president vetoes a bill that funds the troop and ends the war, he is the only person in America stopping support for the troops. It is time for this war to end. As I have said repeatedly, Congress should send the president the same bill he vetoed again and again until he realizes he has no choice but to start bringing our troops home. Anything less is everything he needs to prolong the war."

Edwards knows that we must not compromise with this president. Bush's irresponsible leadership must be stopped.

If you agree, please go to supportthetroopsendthewar.com. Sign up to honor our troops and speak out against the war this memorial day weekend.


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