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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards answers my question on John's call for national service

It's NOT a draft. Let me say that right away.

A recent report that John Edwards was calling for mandatory national service confused some people, so when Elizabeth Edwards posted a diary tonight on Daily Kos, I asked her to clarify her husband's position.

Here's her response:

NOT a draft (12+ / 0-)

John is not in favor of a military draft. Never has been. When he was in the Senate and in the 2004 campaign, he proposed a national community service program for high school students, modeled on the program at the public school our older children attended. The habit of public service is one that we want to encourage. Whether that means that high school program or a national public service program for all of us -- even those out of high school -- we know we need to think about it, to get all Americans committed in a real and meaningful way in making America as strong and as compassionate as we can. He saw on the Gulf Coast what committed Americans can accomplish, and he dreams big about how much more we could do.

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by elizabethedwards on Tue May 22, 2007 at 06:08:17 PM PDT

Here's a link to both the question and the answer.

Mrs. Edwards visited Daily Kos because she was announcing that her husband will attend the Yearly Kos blogger conference in August. She stayed around and answered a lot of questions, so be sure and read her diary and the comments.

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