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Friday, July 22, 2011

Kiefaber Agrees to Six Months in Heaven

Is it a punishment to agree to stay away from what unfortunately seem to be two of the worst run movie theaters in the city for six months? Methinks not.

Given how difficult it must be for Tom Kiefaber to see The Senator being degraded day by day by the questionable management skills of the new operators, I'm assuming he welcomes today's agreement that he will not go to The Senator or the Charles Theater for six months.

Boo fuckin' hoo, y'all!

The agreement comes after Kiefaber tried to intervene to protect a child with leukemia, when Kathleen Cusack had apparently decided to deny the boy's rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The resulting argument left the Cusacks with a fine opportunity to complain to the press about the man who once ran The Senator with a style and panache the Cusacks seem unable to approach or even comprehend. Their frivolous complaints look like an obvious political maneuver to harm Kiefaber's candidacy for City Council President.

Yawn. At least TK won't have to look at the marquee that the Cusacks can't seem to keep lit.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being banned from those movie houses is a gift. I banned myself from The Senator for six months after going to see a movie there under the new management. They've turned the place into a dump and their workers are some of the most unfriendly people I've ever come across in a movie house. I just wanted to tell them to lighten up! It's a movie house, not a morgue.

I made the mistake of going back there twice recently (apparently, I'm a glutton for punishment), but I'm not sure I'll be back. Most of the people I know can't believe how bad the building has deteriorated under the new management. People I didn't know were whispering about how bad things looked in the building the last time I was there. The news is full of people commenting about how wonderful the Cusacks are doing, but I can't help but think those are just people who were planted there by the Cusacks, themselves.

It's a shame things have gone this way because The Senator used to be my favorite place to see a movie. I won't even go to The Charles; never have been there, never will go there. That place looks like a rat hole. We should all be as lucky as Kiefaber and have the city ban us from those two movie houses!

July 25, 2011


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