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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Truth in Reporting

Since the new operators chosen by the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) reopened The Senator Theatre in mid-October 2010, I notice there has not been one photo in the local news media of The Senator at night, unless it was a photo that was taken while former owner Tom Kiefaber owned or was still managing the theatre. Not one recent one taken in the past 3 months. Why is that?

Here's why...

The Senator under Tom Kiefaber's ownership
Above: The Senator under Tom Kiefaber's ownership, March 2009

It continued to look pretty much like the above photo until after Baltimore City evicted Tom Kiefaber and the Friends of The Senator volunteers from the building in July, 2010. I can also show you numerous photos of it looking this good anytime during Kiefaber's ownership.

The Senator under new management
Above: The Senator under new management, December 2010, just 2 months after the new operators took over.

Go there and look. The new management has been neglecting the outside lights and the marquee, and there's graffitti all over the side of the building along Rosebank Avenue. This situation has been worsening for 3 months now.

To all the Baltimoreans who keep being angry at me for continuing to tell the truth about what's been happening with The Senator, please accept my apology. This card expresses my sentiments perfectly.

So, I challenge the local media once again. If you're going to report about the new operation of The Senator, go there and take a current picture of The Senator at night, will you? Stop showing beautiful photos of The Senator under Kiefaber's ownership and pretending that it looks like that now.

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Blogger falnfenix said...

that's...really, really bad. REALLY bad. and sadly unsurprising.

January 10, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad the pictures don't show more clearly that there are a lot of burnt out lights under the marquee. The burnt out facade and sign take attention away from the under side of the marquee.

It's not surprising The Senator is starting to look like a dive. We've seen what the Cusacks have done as tenants of The Charles. Granted, The Charles is supposed to look a dumpy art theatre. They don't try to make it look good because they want to pull in an artsy crowd. That dog and pony show doesn't work at a theatre like The Senator, though.

January 13, 2011


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