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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Get A Clue (#3)

In the intrepid spirit of investigation, here is today's clue:

Clue #3: A tip I received claims that Robert "Bob" Embry wasn't alone at the recent pivotal meeting with Towson University President Robert Caret, which seems to have rapidly triggered TU's withdrawal of their superior Senator Theatre RFP. M.J. Brodie, the controversial President of the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) was also reportedly present.

So, Baltimore's own mysterious "Dr. Evil" who pulls on the levers of power and control from Abell's penthouse lair in the sky, apparently hoisted a tiny pinky to his lips and took along his "BDC Mini Me" to the recent closed-door meeting with Towson President Caret. Hmmm.

It appears that Abell and the BDC intend to maintain their control over The Senator, which took over a decade to accomplish, as well as decide for themselves the outcome of Baltimore City taxpayers' ONE MEELLION DOLLAR investment. Things are headed that way now that TU has abruptly withdrawn its Senator RFP and departed the field. I hear, though, that angry business owners in the Belvedere Square commercial district are finally catching on to the big fix ahead. Stay tuned...

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