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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

At Least I Don't Have to Move to Canada Now.

Congratulations, Barack Obama!

Well, there's the celebration out of the way. I know people all across the country are excited and celebrating. I'd like to join, but I'm afraid after the last 8 years of nightmare, all I can do is relax a little and be a bit relieved. The reality is, we have a whole heck of a lot of work in front of us and the election by itself changes almost nothing.

We still have to get our civil liberties back. We still have to end the Iraq war. We still have to do something about global warming. We still have to create universal health care. We still have to reform our electoral process so that we never see another election theft again.

Call me a pessimist, but there it is. I'm breathing a bit easier, but not celebrating yet.

Furthermore, I am appalled and upset that more than half the voters in California voted for hate. How can voters be allowed to vote to take away the rights of others? Prop. 8 MUST be overturned.

Lastly, I'm frustrated that with all the money Obama was able to raise, he didn't focus enough attention on the downticket races, so his coattails simply weren't as long as they should have been.

We should have 60 Senate seats now, and we don't. I fervently hope Jeff Merkley will finally be declared the winner in Oregon. Merkley seems like a great guy and is one of Progressive Blue's endorsed candidates. Go Merkley!

Also the Georgia Senate race is going into a runoff, so there's some chance of still getting Jim Martin in the Senate.

You know, if I sound like a glass half empty person, I really don't care. As I indicated in my non-denominational prayer for our country post, we're only beginning to come back from the brink of hell.

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