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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Link Between Corporate Media and War Profiteering

I just want to post a link to a diary about the corporate media by my friend Jamess on Progressive Blue. He quotes some documentation of connections between the big corporate conglomerate media companies and war profiteering, notably this from CorpWatch:

Over the past three years [as of August 2004] the big five Media companies, Disney (ABC), News Corp (Fox) GE (NBC & Telemundo), Viacom (ABC), Time Warner (CNN & WB) plus the NAB [National Association of Broadcasters] have spent over 79,740,000 on lobbying. ...

It can be hard to determine which partner is leading the dance at any given moment. General Electric, which owns NBC, spent over $45 million dollars on lobbying in 2003 alone. GE is also a defense department contractor with annual revenue of $134.2 billion, profiting handsomely from its government contracts in Iraq.

I'm sure this is not news to people who have been closely following this issue, but to me, it was confirmation of something I strongly suspected, but hadn't researched.

Anyway, go over there and read the whole diary.

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