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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sidewalk Block Party

Many of The Senator's sidewalk blocks got a new coat of paint over the weekend. (We still have some more to do, so we'll be having another "block party" next weekend!)

Here are some of my favorites. If I haven't noted the painter under the photo, it's probably because I don't know the name of the volunteer(s) who did it. Sometimes I was too focused on what I was doing myself. I was in the "art zone."

a raisin in the sun

cecil b. demented
I'm a bit partial to the Cecil B. Demented block, since I painted it. I wanted to paint the block for a movie that actually was filmed at The Senator.


everyone says I love you
Painted by yours truly.


the hunt for red october
Painted by Kathy H. with water added by Dave.

ladder 49

liberty heights

That would be me again. I gave her a face. Sorry, Bruce.

the painted veil
This is my favorite of the ones I painted. I spent a lot of time on it, but that was well worth it.

serial mom

sleepless in seattle
Painted by Anna.

star wars trilogy
Painted by Tom H. and friend.

the tune

the world is not enough
Painted by Marty, who said he always wanted to paint a Bond girl.

west side story

the wizard of oz
Painted by Gayle and Claudia.

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