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Friday, April 17, 2009

Baltimore City Finds $40 Million They "Lost"

Associated Press reported yesterday that Baltimore City government has found $40 MILLION dollars it "lost." Given the way this city seems to work, was it "lost" in some city official's private account gathering interest? One can only speculate on how people lose $40 MILLION.

This money will reportedly be used to renovate schools, THEATERS, and libraries. Well, hey! Why not help The Senator with some of that money before it's too late and the theatre closes to be gambled away to an uncertain future? They only need $2 million, ideally. Even $1 million would keep the theatre open.

Please note that the folks that "lost" $40 MILLION are the same people that keep smearing Tom Kiefaber in the press for being a "bad businessman." I'm pretty sure Tom has never misplaced even, say, $1 million. I'd also like to note that the Baltimore Sun, which has been complicit in the smear job that has attempted to make Tom the "bad guy" for having debts, is currently in Chapter 11 itself.

Oh, the irony!

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