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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

City's Steering Committee Needs Designated Driver

As Tom Harris has pointed out at the Friends of The Senator Theatre blog, Baltimore City's secretive steering committee has made their recommendation, and they say The Senator can't be run as a non-profit. This is nonsensical, because historic theatres all over the country are being successfully run as non-profits. It looks like the steering committee needs a designated driver, because whatever they're drinking is impairing their judgement.

The only reason that Baltimore can't do the same as other cities have done is because Baltimore City is not willing to buy the time to figure out a feasible plan by stopping the foreclosure auction on The Senator.

By the way, did anyone else listening to Dan Rodricks' show on WYPR just now catch the fact that Rodricks and Deputy Mayor Andy Frank sprang the steering committee's recommendation on Tom Kiefaber while he was on the air and had not had a chance to read the recommendation?!!! Does that seem unfair to anyone else?! Smalltimore: The Home of Dirty Pool.

UPDATE: Also please note that this recommendation by the steering committee gives the city its long-anticipated excuse to back out of the "deal" with Tom Kiefaber, since one of the many conditions the "offer" was based on was the steering committee's recommendation that The Senator could be run as a non-profit.

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Anonymous Giovanna said...

Senator supporters should check out the difference between "non profit" and "not for profit." It might make a difference in what goes down. In NY's theater district, Studio 54/Roundabout Theater (yes, the famous disco/drug club of yore, on 54th at Broadway) is run as a "not for profit" Broadway theater. (It was a theater long before it became a club, and now it's a theater again.) The City of NY gave the space to Roundabout Theater for virtually nothing! The Senator is one of the classiest venues in this city. It has to be saved!

April 04, 2009


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