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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Watchmen to Watch Over The Senator

Calling all fanboys and fangirls! The new Zack Snyder film WATCHMEN starts at The Senator this Thursday, March 5th at Midnight. Based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, WATCHMEN concerns a group of ordinary, flawed human beings who take on superhero identities. Only one of the characters, Dr. Manhattan, has superhuman powers.

The Senator, often ranked in national media as one of the top movie theatres in the entire country, is the finest showcase in the area for an event film like WATCHMEN. The technical presentation is of the highest quality, which prompted the Theatre Alignment Program (TAP), a rigorous system of technical quality measurement designed by LucasFilms, to rank The Senator as one of the top theatres in the country for technical excellence.

After the midnight opening on Thursday, regular times for the movie will be at 1:00, 4:15, and 7:30 PM, with an additional 10:30 PM late show on Fridays and Saturdays.

Come see WATCHMEN as it ought to be seen!

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Anonymous Heather ilyAIMY said...

This is half-related. I loved your senator sessions 2 video from the show that we (ilyAIMY) were part of. Is there any way I could get that file from you? We're putting together a compilation for booking purposes. heather@ilyaimy.com

Thank you! Yay Senator!

March 04, 2009

Blogger Laura Serena said...

Yes, I just emailed you. We'll work something out. Not sure how to send you a file that big yet.

March 04, 2009


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