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Friday, February 13, 2009

Tom Kiefaber on The Senator Sessions this weekend

In preparation for the upcoming Senator Sessions this weekend to benefit the historic theatre, owner Tom Kiefaber released statements which I quote from below:

It’s exciting to see how the bands have stepped up in response to David Arquette's urging through MySpace and that the community is supporting 'The Senator Sessions' weekend of benefit concerts.


We are producing a more innovative array of special event entertainment programming in response to the mandate from our community town meetings and round table discussions. These live music shows demonstrate expanded uses for large historic theatres like The Senator; enhanced uses that dovetail well with the surrounding businesses and preserve the historical integrity of the building.

What's even more exciting is that a number of the live music acts this weekend will utilize The Senator's giant screen to display projected digital images in synch with the performances. For the Sunday evening show, "Telesma" will also use our quad auditorium surround speakers in addition to on screen images to great effect. The results will be a dazzling blended utilization of what The Senator has to offer.

Its clear that movies are becoming increasingly available on many emerging platforms in addition to home theatres. While The Senator will always be an optimal state-of the art film showcase, what these concerts represent is alternative programming to attract the multitudes to The Belvedere Square commercial district on a more consistent basis. It's an evolution of what the movies used to do, which is generate that key Main Street synergy between a large historic theatre that anchors the commercial district and the surrounding businesses that interact with it in a win/win fashion.

The goal is not just for The Senator and the surrounding businesses and residential neighborhoods to get by and survive, but rather thrive by re-establishing the dynamic synergy that has diminished in a changing entertainment marketplace.

These live shows and other high profile special events will become a significant part of The Senator's dynamic and sustainable future, and that future is now.


"The Senator Sessions" concerts are being produced in conjunction with the local independent music scene to demonstrate that The Senator's highest and best use as a community-based, multi-purpose entertainment facility.

In my family we don't think of The Senator primarily in terms of its past, although that's the way the general public often perceives it.

Nostalgia plays a minor role in what we do, but for 70 years my family has viewed The Senator since it first opened in 1939 as a sleek and modern high-tech venue that from its inaugural opening has always been about the future.

As the city goes through the process of acquiring The Senator, we are acting to demonstrate the viability of the expanded entertainment uses that the community wants to see developed while we are still in a position to do so.

With the recent downbeat focus on The Senator's problematic debts, it should be noted that there is also great excitement building in the community as a result of our town meetings and the many round table discussions that have been held in the past two years regarding the theatre's dynamic future potential.

We agree with consensus that has formed that The Senator has an economically viable and dynamic future as a non-profit, community owned multi-purpose entertainment facility.

While the city is working along with us on its planned acquisition of The Senator and its associated real estate, we are working with the community to demonstrate the viability of the community mandate for expanded educational and entertainment uses for The Senator Theatre in addition to state of the art film presentations.

The upcoming weekend of events at the Senator continues to expand. In addition to the four concert events previously mentioned on this blog, there will also be a showing of the 1979 film The Last Waltz, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring The Band, with Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Ringo Starr, and many more legendary musicians. The Last Waltz will play on Saturday night at 8:30 p.m. People who attend the Acoustic Love Songs concert may stay over for the movie at no additional charge. Admission for the movie only is $9.

I can also now report that the Paul Reed Smith guitar being auctioned on e-Bay to benefit the Senator will be signed by a few of the many celebrities who have supported the Senator over the years. Signatures confirmed at this time are Paul Smith, David Arquette, Matthew McConaughey, John Waters, and Josh Groban. If only I had kept up those guitar lessons in high school!

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