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Friday, February 13, 2009

WOW! Look what David Arquette just did!

David Arquette just posted an awesome blog post on saving the Senator Theatre! Thanks, David!

Partial quote:

The Senator Theater in Baltimore Maryland. This historic single-screen Art Deco Movie Theater was completed in 1939 and has been family owned for 69 years. It is breath taking, terrazzo floors, art deco murals, multi-colored glass bricks that serve as the backdrop to a classic neon sign, and a huge golden curtain that opens to reveal an era of film appreciation that has long been forgotten. The Senator Theater was added to the National Resister of Historic Places in 1989 but is (RIGHT NOW) in danger of falling into the wrong hands and ultimately becoming yet another soul-less mini mall type breeding ground for a large mouse that has a passion for pizza, video games and cheap beer.

A fundraising event starting this Friday February 13 and continuing through the 15th is scheduled to help save this gem of Americana. There will be several local bands, food, and entertainment so please go to http://www.senator.com/ to get all of the information you need to help preserve this beautiful example of the art deco architecture.

Why do I care? Because I’ve seen it, I’ve walked through it’s sacred halls, I love it and I want my daughter to see it, wonder through it in awe, and love it as I do someday soon. I want to help save it - by making sure the current owner Tom Kiefaber (who’s family has owned it for 69 years) has a say in it’s preservation and can pay the bills necessary to help it in it’s transition to becoming a non-profit that will allow The Senator to remain safe in the hands of the people, to live for generations to come, so that their children’s children can relish in it’s beauty.

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Blogger David Thompson said...

I hope David's efforts can save this great looking theatre. It is great to have such a passionate supporter.

February 13, 2009


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