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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Community Meeting on The Senator Theatre

Maryland State Senator Joan Carter Conway has called a


May 20, 2009, 6 pm at
The Senator Theatre

Area media outlets are reporting that Baltimore City now owns The Senator Theatre.

This is not accurate.

It has also been widely reported that The Baltimore Development Corporation [BDC] will choose the new owner or operator of The Senator Theatre and determine its future entertainment programming through the RFP process.

This is not accurate.

The ownership of the landmark Senator Theatre will be solely determined by the outcome of a public auction, expected to take place later this summer. The successful bidder at the public auction will own The Senator and proceed to determine its future use within certain parameters.

In a timely effort to separate fact from fiction and clarify the situation regarding The Senator Theatre, Maryland State Senator Joan Carter Conway, who represents the 43rd legislative district in which The Senator Theatre is located, has called a public meeting in response to constituent concerns.

The open public information session will take place at The Senator Theatre on Wednesday evening, May 20th from 6pm to 8pm.

Please spread the word!

State Senator Conway has invited City and State economic development representatives to attend the meeting.

Scheduled government representatives to date include:

* Clarence Snuggs, Maryland's Deputy Director of Housing and Community Development representing Raymond Skinner, Secretary of Housing & Community Development

* Kim Clark, Executive Vice President of The Baltimore Development Corporation, representing Deputy Mayor Andrew Frank, Neighborhood and Economic Development

Representatives of Preservation Maryland, Baltimore Heritage, The Baltimore City Historical Society, The Commission for Historic and Architectural Preservation [CHAP] and media representatives have also been invited to attend.

North Baltimore business and community leaders are invited along with all others who are concerned about the uncertain future of The Senator Theatre.

Topics to discussed include:

~The State of Maryland's financial investment in The Senator Theatre;

~The State of Maryland's position in Baltimore City's upcoming foreclosure proceedings;

~ The City of Baltimore's purchase of the 1st Mariner mortgage note secured by The Senator Theatre;

~ Baltimore City's public auction process intended to transfer ownership of The Senator Theatre;

~ The rising concerns of the extended North Baltimore residential and business communities as to The Senator's uncertain future.

In recent years the theater's present owner, Tom Kiefaber, has called The Senator "The People's Theatre". Apart from The Senator Theatre's inaugural opening on October 5th, 1939, the upcoming transition from 70 years of continuous family ownership and operationis the most pivotal event in the renowned theatre's rich history.

Please mark your calendars and encourage your family, friends and neighbors to attend the upcoming meeting at The Senator!

For further information visit:
www.senator.com or
www.thesenatorcommunitytrust.org or

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Blogger Laura Serena said...

After the CHAP meeting, I have one burning question about this upcoming meeting: Will Bob Embry attend, and will he be able to stay awake?

May 16, 2009


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