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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Yet Another Union Endorsement for Edwards: Transport Workers Union

Today, John Edwards received his fourth union endorsement: the Transport Workers of America. Edwards has more union support than any other presidential candidate. With the addition of the Transport Workers Union, which represents over 200,000 workers, he has now been endorsed by unions representing over 2 million members.

The Transport Workers Union is a national union based in New York City. Hillary Clinton may have expected to get this endorsement, based on the location of their headquarters, but instead it went to Edwards.

"Some candidates seem to be figuring out how to best triangulate on campaign issues," said TWU President James C. Little. "John Edwards takes on subjects such as job security, health care, retirement and the growing gap in wealth between the rich and the middle class in a straight forward way that the country and working families desperately need."

Almost half of the Transport Workers Union's members live in states that will vote on or before February 5, including 8,000 active and retired workers in Nevada. This adds to Edwards's powerful organizing presence in the early states.

"I'm proud to stand in New York with members of the Transit Workers Union, who keep the city moving and help keep New Yorkers safe," said Edwards. "The men and women of the TWU serve on the front lines of our country's homeland security, protecting public transportation users, the nation's railways, and skies. These are the workers who get us to our jobs and our families.

"For too long, these good union men and women and millions of other working families have been ignored by a broken system in Washington. I'm looking forward to campaigning with them in early primary states and key general election battleground states, and as president I'll fight for them every day, so we can honor their hard work and make our transportation infrastructure safe and secure."

John Edwards has also been endorsed by the Carpenters Union with 520,000 members, the Steelworkers Union with 1.2 million members, and the Mine Workers Union with 105,000 members.

Check out this awesome video from the Steelworkers Union!

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