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Friday, August 24, 2007

Tomorrow Begins Today

This is great! A guy named Brian Eldredge in California has written a song about John Edwards. It's pretty good, too! You can download the MP3 and read the lyrics here:


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Anonymous Walupi said...

I was so pleased to be directed to your great web site. Knowing there are people like you across our great America gives me hope that we can support this great man, John Edwards, as he endeavors to save our bacon. I invite everyone to read his great speech, one word at a time, and relish each word. It is so inspiring.
Thanks for posting our website for our song, "Tomorrow Begins Today"
in such great company as this speech.
Remember. Hear Brian Eldredge sing, "Tomorrow Begins Today," at http:www.angelwatch.info.
We have signed the "Throw The Bumbs Out" petition and have invited all of our friends to do the same.

August 25, 2007


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