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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Edwards Wins on Global Warming

Today, MoveOn announced that John Edwards won their straw poll on the candidates responses about global warming in their virtual town hall on the subject. Edwards got more than twice as many votes as any other candidate.

From their press release:

Former Senator John Edwards won MoveOn.org Political Action’s poll on the climate crisis which asked, “Which candidate’s position on dealing with the climate crisis do you prefer?” Of the field of eight Democratic hopefuls, Edwards received 33% of the total votes cast–more than twice the support of the next two candidates, Rep. Kucinich and Senator Clinton, who each garnered 15.7%.

MoveOn member vote results:

Edwards 33.10%
Kucinich 15.73%
Clinton 15.71%
Obama 15.03%
Richardson 12.60%
Biden 3.06%
Dodd 3.01%
Gravel 1.78%

MoveOn will run print ads in newspapers in early primary states Iowa and New Hampshire next week, announcing the results of the straw poll on the climate crisis. Fundraising for the ads begins today.

“The enormous response we got from our members on this issue emphasizes how important it will be for our next president to make solving the climate crisis a top priority in 2008,” said Eli Pariser, Executive Director of MoveOn.org Political Action.

“MoveOn members want leaders who will take on the oil and coal industry and create a clean energy economy. That’s probably why Sen. Edwards’ support of cap and auction systems – which force polluters to pay citizens—and his call for more green collar jobs received such strong backing,” added Ilyse Hogue, Campaign Director of MoveOn.org Political Action.

MoveOn will run a print ad that congratulates the top three candidates. You can see the ad, and contribute to help pay for it, here.

Here are JRE's responses to the questions asked by MoveOn members:

How does your plan differ from those of other candidates?

Would you auction off carbon emissions and use the proceeds to develop alternative energy?

How will Americans, just not corporations, benefit from the new energy economy?

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Blogger bettync said...

I was happy to see that MoveOn had a BIG audience for this forum. Over 100,000 people watched, and then chose JRE by a two to one margin. I love it when people listen to what this man has to say.

The mainstream media is not doing a fair job of coverage of all candidates. And forums like MoveOn's shows everyone a true comparison.

Go Edwards!!

July 11, 2007

Blogger BONGO MIRROR said...

Thanks for showing that. That's one of the most hopeful things I've seen for the world in a fair while. I was already in a fairly good mood.

July 11, 2007


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