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Monday, January 11, 2010

Senator Theatre featured in Pew Research Center Study

Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism has released a study of how news is reported in Baltimore. They focused on several local stories, one of which was the auction of The Senator.

One of the conclusions the study makes is that news media generally in Baltimore is relying less on independent reporting and more on parroting press releases. About The Senator, they specifically state:

And who made news on the Senator theater story? The city drove nearly all of the coverage, 94% of the stories during the week. There was not a single story initiated by the press as an enterprise story.

Ahem. This focus on parroting City press releases by the mainstream local media is not precisely news to me!

Hat tip to Andrea Appleton at City Paper's blog for this news about the study.

On another note, sorry I have not been blogging lately. Work as a volunteer at The Senator and other developments have kept me pretty busy. Please check out Friends of The Senator for updates on The Senator. http://www.facebook.com/fotstheatre

At the moment, I'm going to be letting FoTS do most of the reporting, since it has grown as an organization to well over 1200 members between the Facebook fan page and group page. It's also time to put the disturbing past behind us and focus on the future of The Senator, so I find this is not currently the time for muckraking, as much fun as it is to rake muck!

That's not to say I might not chime in here on occasion with some observations, such as this study that pretty much tells us what some of us already knew.

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