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Friday, July 10, 2009

THSA visit and Tom Kiefaber on Tom Marr Show

Tom Kiefaber will be on the Tom Marr show today on WCBM at 11:30 AM. Listen live here.

UPDATE: Great interview! My blog was mentioned. Thanks, Tom and Tom! You can download an MP3 of the interview here.

Also, the Theatre Historical Society of America is visiting The Senator today as part of their annual conclave, and they will be making a presentation to owner Tom Kiefaber, as noted by Chris Kaltenbach at the Baltimore Sun (Senator Owner Lauded By Theatre Group). I'm not sure of the time they're arriving. The Sun article says 1:45 PM, but there's an event for this on facebook that says 12:45 PM. Regardless, I'm getting there early. I'll update this if I find out the correct time.

UPDATE: The correct time is 1:45 PM.

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