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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Stories

Antigone fought for justice,
and for her trouble,
entomb'd in darkness
with her kin.

The womb of earth closed over her,
sky crushing her down.

When will new myths arise?
Stories told not to teach our place,
but to empower new growth
and ripen to fruition?

Antigone must win her rights
and yet be bold and free.
Persephone bring earth to life,
not service to the Lord of Death.
Psyche see her lover's face,
and not be separated.
Prometheus bring fire to minds,
and yet remain unchained.

Revoke the tragedy of the world!
Let us not be buried by kings,
but rise up!

I search for the stories
of an age to come,
when our humanity will triumph.

A riddle I ask,
for how will such stories arise?
And who will tell them?

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