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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Friends of the Earth Action endorses John Edwards for President

Today, John Edwards won a key endorsement from national environmental organization Friends of the Earth Action. He was in Dover, N.H. this morning to accept the endorsement.

Friends of the Earth Action enthusiastically endorses John Edwards for President. He has led the way among the candidates in addressing global warming and ruling out a new embrace of nuclear power. He has also demonstrated himself to be the top-tier candidate most likely to stand up to the powerful, corporate polluters and their lobbyists. After seven years of the most destructive environmental president in modern history, we feel strongly that John Edwards will fight for a healthy and just planet as President.

Edwards, who has an excellent plan to stop global warming, get us off our addiction to oil, and create a new energy economy, was the first candidate to commit to an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, and he is running a carbon neutral campaign. His environmental platform has been widely praised by environmentalists, and he won the MoveOn town hall on global warming earlier this year.

Friends of the Earth Action will run an independent campaign to educate their members and other environmentalists about Edwards' platform and to get people out to vote, particularly in New Hampshire.

Here's a video of the endorsement bye Friends of the Earth Action:

And here are John's remarks at the event, video by YouTube user guerillavlogger:

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